Potential types of welding helmets


Every welding mechanics use a helmet for giving protection to their head that is called welding helmet. It plays a vital role in avoiding the risk. In the market, many kinds of helmets are available in cheapest price. On the category based it is divided into two types, the first one is digital and second is Analog. The digital helmet is based on new technology, and you can easily do and calculate your work via the help of it. So today we will give you some guideline which will help you to enhance your knowledge about helmets.

Kinds of Helmets-

ON the welding helmet reviews basis in the market two types of helmets are available. Each type has their benefits and disadvantages. If you are going to purchase new helmets, then you should first read the article and select which category is beneficial for you.

  1. Passive Welding Helmets
  2. Auto Darkness Welding Helmets

These both are the type of helmets and easily purchasable from the market.

  1. Passive-

It is a first kind of helmet which is also known as the traditional welding helmets. If you are first time users of the helmets, then it proves better for you. It will provide you with inexpensive protection. In these types of helmets use the plastic materials which make it every cheapest. It is very comfortable because of its lightweight material. Sometimes it damages from sparks and proves harmful for your health.

  1. Auto Darkening-

In the market, it is the second type of helmets at a higher price. It is also called the light reactive welding helmets with more advanced. From the help of it, you can do the work easily because it automatically changes the lance shade. It is helpful to protect your neck eyes and head easily. It is very easy to carry out for one place to other places. In the market, it is available in the high range. It means you need more money for purchasing auto darkening hamlets.


When it comes to buying the welding helmets, then it is essential to consider some essential tips. You should always check the welding helmet reviews and make a purchase from the reputed seller in order to get the assurance of good quality and reasonable rate. You can also compare the price of different welding helmet to find the affordable one.