3 Smart Decisions to Maximize Currency Amount in Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play is an amazing game, and it is widely famous among the youths. The game is published by Pixelberry for android and IOS mobile devices. If you are interested in it, then you can download it by Google store, and it is free to play. In the gameplay, various kinds of stories and the players can also play in it. Enjoyment and fun are part of it, and we have to get some amount of currency for unlocking new things.

Diamonds and keys are major currencies of the game, and all of us are ready to beat it. A large amount of currency is used for leveling up, and most of us are smartly hack the currency by the choices hack tool. Such hack is giving us amazing results, and it is free to use. In this guide, we are showing numerous ways of obtaining currency.  

Join events 

Live events are for fun, and they are also the right method for currency. By spending time you will get a big amount of rewards. The events are active for all the players, and they come with extra activities also.

Unlock free rewards 

Free daily rewards are a big chance for adding enough amounts of diamonds. It is beneficial for new players, and such links disappear a few times.

Active on a social account 

The players can start the game with Facebook or other social accounts. We can also get the currency by sharing our achievements with online friends. There you earn free rewards and currency.

Purchase currency 

Purchasing currency is a wise method for anyone, and for it, we need to pay some real money. We can save money by going with free methods like the choices hack tool.